Wednesday -.- ! so damn tired now.

Just came back form theme park, Alton Tower.

Tomorrow hang out with me friends, Abbey & Elinor.

Always can't remember how to call Elinor porpertly, sorry ;(

Who the hell is that ?! DDLY punya -.- Jonathan.

We said we wanted to play roller coaster, or ... blablabla ...

finally ?! '' Ohmygosh, i don't want it, so scary, play on your own.''

PLAY ON MY OWN ?! I hate when i am getting alone, I felt so lonely.

I scare when I get this feeling, wanna kill you when I come over your house.

WOW ! ;) Jonathan's family. His mum & His dad.

They look so happy. but that fake, Jonathan get scold when they take the picture before.

Hahahahahaha, well done you get scold. xD 

Clap hand, Yes ! Weeeeee ~

A part of the park.

A person is walking LOL ! go away xD siusiusiu xD

Damn beautiful, love it so much.

A part of it as well.

I like & like & like <3

It's amazing, okayyyyyyy ?!

Castle ?! No one is living there now, I think ?! 

Ghost xD ! Scare you at night , hahahah .

Hahahahahahaha, look at his face.

He gonna cry I think ? Don't cry, why can't you stand porpertry?

See, next time '' ting hua '' okay ?

Spongbob, 2 pound to win it back.

Hahahahah , I like Spongbob, but not that much <3

Just for fun.

Damn you ! :(

You make me felt scare when I get inside there.

I thought is '' Ghost House ''.

But .... :x is NOT ! 

I don't know what is that call, whatever ! ;) 

Jonathan, he is scare. Hahahahaha, hide bihind his dad.

When we go out from the Hex.

Jonathan want to toilet. -.- 

LOL ! Just follow them. I can't walk on my own, it's too big.

When they came out from the toilet, and we just have a lunch.

Happy Family Time Again ^ ________ ^

I am the photographer. LOL ! his dad shows the map ; his mum peaces ; he is doing .... ermm ?! I don't know.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, she is cute.

My cousin is playing the game, BORED to me.

Just wait for him outside, I said to him, stay there for line up.

And I feel a bit bored, then go walk around the park. 

He came out :x For What?

Find me TT ! 

And he have to line up again, sorry ><

Ohmygod, It looks scary. Hahahaha - __________________ -

I want to play it, but his mum scares I will die if I play this.

WOW ! Trust me, I played that one.

That's awesome! <3 i felt so nervous. 

Wasting 45+ mins to line up for this ! Too many people are there.

Sonic Spinball ?! 


Cute ?! Can't see them TT ! 

WOW ! Hope I can see it at the future.

WTH -.- Childish -.-

Ugly !! -.- Gonna vomit now ! 

I don't like my smile Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ~

Sorry if you can't see the picuture coz it too big from my phone. 




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